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Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer has over 20 years of experience representing criminal cases in all Orange County courts. The law states you are innocent until proven otherwise. Mr. Meyer is an experienced criminal attorney and will evaluate your case for you. This includes determining the extent of the evidence, as well as the legal validity of the evidence.

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Michael Meyer Defends from These Accusations:

  • Felonies -- Crimes, Assault, Drugs, Burglary and Theft Crimes
  • Domestic Violence -- Defending the Accused
  • DUI -- Multiple Offenders, Refusal Cases, DMV Matters
  • Juvenile Law -- Drug, Theft, Sex Crimes, Probation, Felony and Misdemeanor

Contact Mr. Meyer as soon as possible to determine what is best for your defense. You do not have to go through this alone. Legal representation is your right. Do not risk prison -- call us to schedule an appointment. Mr. Meyer is discreet and thorough.

Do not represent yourself -- call Michael Meyer today at 714-871-9000. The burden of proof is on the prosecution -- Mr. Meyer will force them to prove every aspect of your case.

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